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Anyone can contribute to the Omniverse Nexus. However, we have a formal approval process when it comes to new additions. Loremasters, the curators of the settings, are responsible for approving each pitch to make sure new additions fit cohesively within a setting's specific guidelines.

Setting guides

Each setting of the Omniverse Nexus may have different pitch criteria from one another. Please take a moment to read the guide for the setting you wish to create content for.

Pitch creation

To create a new pitch, make a new subpage of this article. Title it "Omniverse Nexus:Pitches/Your Pitch Title Here". If you need help creating articles, please see Help:Editing. Also be sure to tag it with the Pitches category as well as the category for your username (i.e. Category:Articles by User:Your Name Here). Alternatively, you may create an external document such as on Google Drive. (NOTE: Make sure external links abide by the Omniverse Nexus rules.)

Write your pitch to the guidelines of your chosen setting. Most importantly, be sure to indicate clearly either in the title or within the first sentence which setting your pitch belongs to. This way, the respective loremaster of the setting can look at it. Your pitch will more than likely be subject to community review, but the loremaster has the final say of approval.

After creating your pitch, please add a link under the section below. Click here if you would like to see a sample pitch.

Pitches pending approval

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