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Welcome to the Omniverse Nexus! We're home to several original settings where users can tell their stories across multiple shared universes.

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Setting: Galactic Crucibles Galactic Crucibles, abbreviated GC, is a space science fiction setting with a focus on plausibility, deep history, and galaxy-spanning conflicts. Ancient, powerful civilizations have left their mark on the Crucible Galaxy. Even in their absence, their influence continues to shape the evolution of their successors.
Genre: Science Fiction
Loremaster: Suppy
Setting: Erudite Tales Erudite Tales, abbreviated as ET, is a high fantasy setting where magic is a limited resource. The mortal races fend for themselves in a world left behind by its original gods. The setting has no era of focus, and stories explore a world filled with fantastical creatures and unearthly landscapes all throughout the ages.
Genre: High Fantasy
Loremaster: Majoras Revenge!!!
Setting: Infinite Histories Infinite Histories, abbreviated IH, is a multiverse of realities where the history of Earth took a different path. The multiverse was studied extensively by the Think Tank before it was overtaken by the destructive Multiverse War. Now the 'verses lie separate, their hidden connections only accessible to those who can find them.
Genre: Alternate History
Loremaster: Robbo
Setting: Dreamwalkers Dreamwalkers, abbreviated DW, is an adventure fantasy setting where many worlds exist beyond the familiar. People can explore these worlds through their dreams, but until an event in 1999 exposed them again, they were hidden from the public by their ignorance.
Genre: Adventure Fantasy
Loremaster: Chromogar
Setting: Heroic Ages Heroic Ages, abbreviated HA, is an alternate Earth where individuals with superhuman powers have existed since humanity's beginnings. These Supers have altered the course of history, defining a series of golden ages punctuated by eras of darkness. Stories in this world take place from the time of Atlantis into a post-apocalyptic future.
Genre: Superhero Fiction
Loremaster: Kingliman

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