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This month's featured story

The Featured Story for December 2016 is Memories by User:TheTimMan. Congratulations!

Memories is a tale of the recollection of both fond and sorrowful memories in an alternate timeline where the Roman Empire persists to the present day.

Did you know...

...That Erudite Tales was originally called Omniverse: Erudite Chronicles?

Community News

  • We're now at 390 articles! The importing process is still underway so there's still a bit of work left to do.
  • The first volume of the Dark Prophecy story arc is now complete!
  • The first story for the Hallowed Worlds setting entitled Story:Sleep Descent has been posted!
  • The first story for the Infinite Histories setting entitled Story:Memories has been posted!
  • We regret to inform you that due to an ongoing issue with spam, account creation has been disabled indefinitely until further notice.


  • A good story is a plausible story.
  • Alien species with differing personalities among themselves are far more interesting than those which all have the same.
  • All sapient beings regardless of their planet of origin share two common traits: An omnivorous or carnivorous diet and the ability to manipulate their environment to create tools and structures.
  • Space combat and even battles in general are complicated and hard to write about. It is advised to plan them in advance in just as much detail as you would a story.

This month's featured user

The featured user for December 2016 is Krayfishkarl! Congratulations!

Krayfishkarl is a long time member of the Nexus, being one of its original founders. He is the site administrator as well as a major content contributor with creations in Galactic Crucibles, Erudite Tales, Hallowed Worlds, Myth Galaxy and Miraculum Chronicles.

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