Karnasaur Meritocratic Federation

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Karnasaur Meritocratic Federation
Unoran Miāgorīr Karnasus
Life span?
Capital Karnas
Languages Saurien
Government Federal meritocratic republic
 -  20,000–19,978 BIF TBA
 -  3870–3865 BIF TBA
Legislature TBA
 -  Established Enter start year
 -  Disestablished Enter end year

The Karnasaur Meritocratic Federation, or KMF, was the single oldest and most technologically advanced empire in the Crucible Galaxy since the Omni Empire. Credited as the founders of the First Galactic Senate, they co-existed with a multitude of other space faring civilization including the Hunre Empire (New Hunre Republic, post-Hunre Civil War) and the Heglarean Empire. However, after the Second Galactic War marked by the subsequent beginning of the Third Age of the Karnasaurs, they were the only space-faring empire in the galaxy. Unfortunately, as a result of the sterility plague deployed by the Hunre, the Karnasaurs were all doomed to die in several thousand years.


The KMF has its roots in ancient Karnasaur history. It was formed after the death of Baba Yetu, but aside from that, very little else is known at this time. The KMF played a pivotal role in galactic history, but their time was destined to come to an end.


Recent discoveries hint towards a so-named 'Last Wrym of Karnas' who carries some great Book of the Nightbourne, which is said to carry all information on the Karnasaurs; Their history, their culture, their government, leaders, technology, and all manner of other such things. The 'Last Wrym' story indicates a survivor of some sort, likely in suspended animation, which the Karnasaurs left behind as a voluntary legacy.

In addition, the Legacy has had profound effects on civilizations such as the now-prominent Sacred Federation of the Praetori, which claims itself to be the KMF reborn, especially since it covers much of the previous territory and thus controls the majority of Legacy sites and items.

List of known star systems