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Hummers are blind eusocial insects.


Hummers are on average 1 meter in height and are covered completely in fur to insulate them from their -25° environment. They have no discernable facial organs besides two small holes to breath, and a darker fur area where their proboscis extends.

Social structure

The gas giant moon they inhabit contains many thousands of hives, and each hive has minimal contact with each other. There are three natural castes and three artificial ones.

Workers- The workers perform most of the duties for the hive. They live to satisfy the queen. Depending on the hive, workers may form friend groups and drink fermented honey on their breaks.

Soldiers Soldiers are physically stronger than the workers and mainly serve to fight other hives and protect bands of workers from the hostile environment.

Queens Queens produce more hummers and has absolute authority within the hive. Queens derive pleasure from the pain of enemy queens which partially contributes to the constant warfare.

The following are artificial

Knights Elite fighting force that serves the queen, they are severed from pheromone at birth in order to foster neurological development in other areas. These hummers perform elite operations in enemy hives and are raised by the queen herself to be as nationalistic as possible.

Thinkers These hummers are similar to the knights in that they are separated from pheromones at birth, but instead of combat they use their advanced neurological capabilities to pursue science and other intellectual fields. Most important decisions are made by the thinkers, who use queens as puppets.

Drifters Drifters come from all walks of life, they are simply hummers who disagree with the feudal system and the queen and live in isolation. The general populace sees drifters as deserters to the queens cause and despise them. The queen will often wear drifter pelts to intimidate the workers into staying. There is even a legend of a disgruntled queen deciding to become a drifter, although when she left she had no idea what to do and died. The hive later descended into anarchy. Drifters are the individuals most likely to meet with alien civilizations.


Hummers possess a culture glorifying the conquest of other hives. Due to being blind, art is limited to convoluted structures which are appreciated through touch. The thinkers often record their ideas on paper through a form of braille, giving each hive a very limited philosophy uninformed by other hives. This furthers the divide between hives.


On average, an individual hive will have five hundred warriors and ten knights which form their infantry. The collective naval might of the species reaches fifty reverse engineered karnasaur warships. The other hives have no permanent space occupation due to the lack of perceived need.