Human (Stars of the Arcane)

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Human (Stars of the Arcane)
General information
Status Active
Population 44 billion
Native to Earth, Sol
Extent Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy
Size Average 5’ 7”/1.7018 m (Males), Average 5’ 2”/1.5748 m (Females)
Mass Average 137 lbs/62.14 kg
Diet Omnivorous
Limbs 4 (2 Legs, 2 Arms)
Eyes 2
Intelligence Sapient
Symmetry Bilateral
Lifespan 100-150 Years
Description Mammalian, Carbon-Based Physiology
Known for Most Average Sapient Species in the galaxy

Humans, also known as Terrans, Sollans, and Homo sapiens, are a mammalian race native to the Orion Arm of the galaxy, specifically originating from the third planet of the Sol System. Their only distinction in the galaxy is that they are considered the most average species in the galaxy, making them a perfect baseline to measure sapient life.


Humans are a mammalian race of bipedal organisms, possessing average intelligence for a spacefaring species, as well as an average appearance. However, some humans are known to break free of this ‘average’ look, sometimes being stronger, smarter, or more attractive than their contemporaries. These outliers are few and far between, however.


Humans reproduce sexually, requiring a male and a female of the species to reproduce naturally. However, cloning has been available to human culture for a century, meaning that a male and female are not always necessary.


Humans are widely varied in their philosophies, but one of the main traits of humans is their strange contradictory individualism and collectivism: humans will sometimes be outspoken towards their own personal freedoms and individuality one moment, and the next, will willingly congregate together to follow a single leader. Despite this, many humans are outspoken proponents towards freedom and individuality.


Human Technology has not advanced as far as other races’ due to being only 3 centuries into the Spacefaring stage of their evolution. Their weapons consist of high-powered railguns and missiles, defenses consisting of light energy shielding and heavy armor, and engines consisting of Magnetic Impulse Drives. However, their strong point is FTL: the Humans, for their means of FTL, invented the Void Drive, a powerful FTL drive that allows them to move with deft speed and maneuverability in FTL Travel.

The durability of Human Technology is considered to be one of the few things not average about them, as Human Technology is widely renowned as being durable and reliable (while not the MOST durable or reliable, it is still better than average in that front). This stems from the reawakening of Magic on their world causing many issues for their technology. The end-result was the interweaving of Magic into their system defenses, not enough to where they’re dependent on it, but more than enough to leave them hardened against all but the most devastating of EMPs or similar attacks.