Free Labor Corporation

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The Free Labor Corporation is a widespread organization in the Greenwater Nebula that specializes in Vaikan slavery. While smaller slaving companies do exist, the Free Labor Corporation is by far the largest and most influential of the region. They buy and sell slaves to the highest bidders in order to make a profit.

Unlike most enslaved individuals who work for physical labor, Vaikan slaves work mentally using bioelectricity to accomplish tasks. They are seen as a cheaper, more efficient alternative to synthetic servants by the buyers. Synthetic units require regular battery changes and maintenance when their cells get exhausted, which expend resources. Organic servants, such as Vaikan, do not, and only require basic living needs.

Unlike Karalian Empire space, slavery is not illegal in the systems surrounding the Greenwater Nebula. To gather slaves, the Free Labor Corporation employs other pirate groups to raid small Vaikan civilian colonies in the areas surrounding the main territory of the Confederacy of Greenwater. This particular region has been labelled "Galactic Wilderness", where civilians are warned of the risks before travelling and living here. While members of the Internal Guard can be stationed in these regions, they cannot arrest someone for owning slaves. As a result, no serious efforts have been made to bring down this organization, because they operate within the bounds of the law. However, because the ethics behind this practice have remained questionable, tensions between the Karalians and the Krarians have steadily increased.