Erudite Tales

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Genre: high fantasy • Scope: planet equivalent • 0 articles: 0 stubs, 0 needing review

Erudite Tales is a fantasy universe centering around the world of Erudite. It has several continents including Eidyn, Khyorgan, Brumal, and Emsius.



Story arcs

Stylistic overview

Erudite Tales is written in the style of high fantasy. It features technology both magical and conventional in a steampunk setting. A myriad of different mythical creatures such as elves and dwarves inhabit this universe.

Setting overview

When the Empire of Arckas became threatened by the heat death of the universe, the Arckasians chose to flee to other universes where the conditions of the Big Bang differed. Because Arckasians can travel sixth dimensionally, it is considered irrelevant when Erudite Tales takes place relative to Galactic Crucibles. The two settings exist outside of the normal rules of causality of one another.

Whether or not Erudite Tales came first or not, the Arckasians chose to shape a new universe to their liking, taking advantage of the different physics. The result the world of Erudite. The Arckasians played the role of gods and lived harmoniously with their creations.

A mysterious event known as the Shattering caused these old gods to disappear once more leaving the rest of mortal kind to live on their own with only the guidance of a handful of powerful artifacts known as Aard'Vorn.


Creation Era

An Arckasian god named Ouroboros creates Erudite.

United Plane

All of creation exists as one, enormous world.

The Shattering

The world is destroyed to save it from the Great Old One. The fragments of the world become modern Erudite.

Rise of Mortals

Mortals discover the Aard'Vorn and use it to shape Erudite to their own liking.

Ekati World War

A cataclysmic war waged by the Kingdom of Leir results in the destruction of nearly all ekati in the world.

The New Age

With the events of the past now fades into legend, conventional technology has mostly replaced magic. However, ancient artifacts from the bygone eras still appear from time to time.